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If you are looking for a group of oils that will get you up and moving you have found it. Whether you need help with that mid day slump or just to roll out of bed using these oils will help!

In this Collection you will find  the smell of Basil sweet which awakens the senses, eases tension anxiety, tension all while helping with fatigue and sending the awake button to the on position.

The addition of Lemon and its ability to keep your brain "on task" to finish what you started. It also gives mental stimulation to over tired bodies.

No time to forest bath, just take out the Pine!  The balsamic scent is gorgeous and its also known to be a adrenal cortex stimulant and used for nervous exhaustion.

All American Peppermint, well known by all, but do be aware it has it cautions. Be careful with fair skin and those under 8. This well studied oil has been shown that using a blend of mints (with other oils) can improve the endurance of athletes, increase productivity of night shift workers, and help reliee headaches.

Our dear friend, Rosemary ct. camphor, for she is known as the herb of remembrance. Just take a smell while doing what you need to remember and then take another smell before needing to retrive said information. Also good for migraines, adrenal exhaustion, hair loss, muscle aches and pains.

Our companion who is forever happy is Spearmint. This oil is cooling and uplifting with a gentler mint smell than its frien Peppermint. this makes it a safer bet with fair skinned, elderly and children. It can do all the wonderful things peppermint can do. It is also excellent in reducing fevers, easing sunburn, scrapes and hot flashes.

This Collection Includes:

Basil sweet 10ml

Lemon 10ml

Peppermint 10ml

Pine 10ml

Rosemary camphor 10ml

Spearmint 10ml

Energize Collection

$38.66 Regular Price
$32.86Sale Price

July Savings

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