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Essential Oil & Children Basics

Children are not just little adults.  In aromatherapy it is vital to recognize that children’s lungs are not fully developed until about age 3, their skin is not fully developed for about 6 months and is far more sensitive, and their illnesses tend to be more acute.  There are different dilutions used for children, based upon their age and/or weight.  The essential oils and Vegetable oils/Butters we use can be different (not all essential oils are suitable for children), again based upon age/weight.  Even the methods of use can be different.

When preparing an Aromatherapy formula for the child that requires a carrier oil, please use an all natural vegetable oil.  Carrier oils are available on our site or you can use organic extra virgin olive oil.  Do not put essential oils in a petroleum based product (mineral oil or baby oil) or into a commercially created baby lotion.  Most baby lotions made by the large companies have ingredients that are not healthy for your child and when you add essential oils to some of those the chemistry can be altered creating negative reactions.

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