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All Natural Facial Cleanser that nourishes and balances the skin to create a beautiful youthful glow! We use Organic Castile soap and add Jojoba for the slight dryness the soap can give. Honey is wonderful for the skin, keeping it hydrayted. The Hydrosols have lovely properties with the lavender calming the skin and the Geranium is the ultimate balancer of hormones and skin. The addition of  Frankinicense, Orange sweet and Rosewood are excellent for the skin, keeping it firm, lightens scars, and all around healing to the skin.


Ingredients: Castile Soap, Distilled Water, Hydrosol (Lavender & Geranium), Jojoba, Honey Raw, Frankincense, Orange Sweet, and  Rosewood.



8oz size comes in a Foam Pump Bottle

16 and 32 oz are in a bulk container, you will need a Foam Pump bottle or wash and refill your previous bottle. * Place these in the fridge until ready to refill to extend the shelf life of the product. Use within 6 months.

Balanced Facial Cleanser

PriceFrom $10.50
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