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This flu chest rub is both healing and comforting.  Gently massage into the skin, while the oils penetrate deeply and work systemically you will breathe easier, feel less pain and move through the illness more quickly


Cypress (Cupresssus sempervirens) dries up mucus. Thyme linalool (Tymus vulgaris linalool) is a respiratory tract disinfectant, loosening mucus, revives the immune system.  Myrtle (Myrtus communis) promotes restful sleep, is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory helps to prevent infectious diseases.  Lavender (Lavendulan angustifolia) helps reduce aches and pains and brings a calming and sedative state which may be very welcome at this stage of the flu.  Shea (Butyrospermum patkii) improves the circulation in the capillaries and is a humectant, bringing moisture from the air into the skin.  Jojoba ((Simmondsia sinensis) is deeply penetrating, both shea and Jojoba bring relief to fever dried skin.


Method of Use: massage into the skin every few hours.  Placing a warm pack over the area will help deepen the absorption rate.  Another method calls for massaging the bottoms of the feet, keeping socks off for 15 minutes to allow penetration of the oils.

Flu Chest Rub - Child (6 & Over)

PriceFrom $11.33
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