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I created a blend with Social Gatherings in mind. With the Holiday Season upon us, the gatherings have begun. We must remember that although this is the “Merry” season, not all people or pets enjoy the gathering parts of the Holiday. This can be stressful and anxiety ridden for a multitude of reasons.


This blend will help soothe away some of those tensions, leading the way for everyone in the group to enjoy themselves. Please diffuse this blend and enjoy the Grateful Gathering.


Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)

We know Cedarwood as the smell of our closet or drawers. People use Cedarwood for a variety of conditions including clearing lungs and pain and inflammation.  Energetically, it provides stability, and allows perseverance and confidence in difficult situations.

Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine is considered one of the most effective essential oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness and depression.19

The fragrance of jasmine diminishes fear; it is helpful in enhancing self-confidence and defeating pessimism.

Jasmine is ideal whenever fear and vulnerability, or anxiety and depression, cut us off from our ability to share physical pleasure and affection. Jasmine can reawaken our passion and reunite it with love, providing us with support and reassure us.19

Jasmine absolute has been described as a powerful antidepressant of a stimulating nature. It is recommended when depression has given rise to lethargy.21

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)

Lavender embodies the protective love of Mother Earth and says that it is energetically very active in the auric field closest to the body.33

Worwood explains the profound impact lavender can have on our psyche;

When deep sadness covers the spirit like a suffocating blanket, lavender gently lifts the weight. When inner tears fall, lavender wipes them away. When depression clouds the psyche, lavender blows it asunder. And for those with worries that trouble the spirit, lavender lifts the veil of despair.33


Benzoin resinoid is associated with the throat chakra.
Benzoin resinoid controls excessive emotion and brings calm. It helps you to express yourself better and to regain confidence.
It eases tension.

Oakmoss Absolute, Evernia prunastri (France):

  • Money: Increase personal prosperity, increase cash flow. “Oakmoss is drenched with money energy!” (Scott Cunningham).
  • Increase Spiritual Depth: When inhaled, helps visualize and release past wounds or hurts. Some people have a deep gasp of recognition when they smell it for the first time. (Scott Cunningham)
  • Antispasmodic: Good for asthma and coughs.

Oakmoss soothes the chest and upper respiratory — brings cosmic energy to the lungs, thymus and throat, travels along CNS and back to the chest. Energy Index: Aphrodisiac/ 2nd Chakra to Throat for Creative Expression  Immune Thymus: Turquoise Chakra; Kidney Drainage; Lungs Throat  Thyroid; Spine Strengthen: Immune Thymus Support


Grateful Gatherings

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