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Carefully sourced from mines located deep within the Himalayan Mountains, our Himalayan Pink Bath Salt is known around the world for its beautiful color and varied trace minerals. Formed from the ancient seabed that was crystalized into rich salt veins within the mountains when they formed, our Himalayan pink salt is considered by many to be the purest salt on earth.


Available in bulk and wholesale quantities for commercial spas, manufacturers and repackaging, we guarantees the highest quality, authentic Himalayan pink salt is brought to you straight from the source, from ethically and ecologically approved, FDA-registered suppliers. All of our Himalayan Salt products are food grade and safe for consumption.


Small Grain: Small grain Ancient Ocean Himalayan Bath Salt is perfect for body scrub products. This size also works well for soaps and bath salt blends with other salt varieties or scents. We also carry Fine grain and I can special order any grain size.

Himalayan Pink Salts

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