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Honey Sticks are an excellent way to enjoy honey on the go.  


  • Made in Utah "The Beehive State"
  • Each stick is 6 5/8" long (16.8275 cm)
  • Each stick contains 1 tsp of honey (5 grams)
  • Each stick has 15 calories.
  • No scissors necessary.  Seal will pop open if "cracked like a sunflower seed." 
  • BPA-Free plastic straws
  • Shelf life of 2 years.
  • Enjoy while camping, running, biking, cycling, driving, walking, or sipping your favorite hot beverage. 
  • No added sugar or water. Just pure clover honey. 


Honey Sticks (aka Honey Stix and Honey Straws) are a fun and easy way to enjoy honey on the go.  These pure clover honey sticks go great in coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Honey Sticks/Straws

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