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This is a great perfume for both sexes.  Jojoba is the base for this stunning yet simple perfume. Below are the 2 ingredients. Place on pulse points.


JASMINE SAMBAC ABSOLUTE: The full, deep, heady, floral scent of this aromatic Absolute is reputed to soothe the mind, create a sense of optimism, and to stimulate and energize the body. With warm, honey-like undertones that can be described as seductive, this oil is said to help decrease distress, to enhance a positive outlook, and to improve focus, confidence, and relaxation. Jasmine Absolute has earned its rank among the stimulants that are referred to as aphrodisiacs, making it ideal for those who need help overcoming the anxiety that can contribute to sensual dysfunction.


Cedarwood Atlas: Atlas Cedarwood essential oil has wide applications in aromatherapy as well as natural perfumery. It is said to be an aphrodisiac with an aroma that could be described as masculine but it appeals to both men and women. And because its aroma has a grounding quality, it is often found in meditation blends.

Moroccan Memories Roll On 5ml

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