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This kit was designed as a 3 part system that will take 7-14 days.  This incorporates a daily bath routine with blends and some bath salts, meditations and a Roll On to be with you throughout the rest of the day to keep energies balanced. Tips on nutrition, affrimations and links to balancing energies and opening the heart guided meditations included.


For the 1st 10 days you will use the:

Release Blend 15ml: Juniperberry, Geranium Egypt, Lemon, and Jojoba.

Juniperberry helps us to purge the worry and self-absorption that is rooted in fear of failure. Juniper replaces stasis and isolation with movement and openness. Therefore it breaks through psychological stagnation and consolidate willpower.  Geranium helps to connect us to our feeling life-to our emotional sensitivity and healthy thirst for pleasure and enjoyment. It conveys feelings of calm strength and security.  Lemon sharpens the focus of consciousness, clarifying and uplifting the intellect. It calms, lightens, and refreshes, dispersing confusion and erasing worry.


For the following 15 days you will use the:

Recharge Blend 15ml: Rosemary ct. camphor, Orange sweet, Lavender France, and Jojoba.

Rosemary reinforces the heart & empowers the mind, helping to build confidence & moral of those who lack faith in their own potential. Orange helps us to take a more relaxed approach, encouraging adaptability & smooth handling of lives events. Lavender is calming strong emotions that threaten to overwhelm the mind while also releasing mental energy that has become stuck.


To accompany this, you will get the:

Balance and Reset Energy Meditation Roll-on 10ml


This blend was created to ground your energy and keeping you in tune and connected.


Roll the blend onto your pulse points (neck, wrists, ankles, third eye, and chest) and start by taking 3 deep breaths.

Use this blend anytime you need to remind yourself to slow down, breathe, connect.

Using this blend while using meditation and affirmations will increase its energy and also begin training the brain to automatically shift into your grounded and connected state.


Sandalwood reconnects us to our primordial sense of being.  It instills an experience of inner unity—a state where body, mind and spirit realign as one. Sage Dalmatia is known to transcend and renew one’s energy while bringing wisdom. Mandarin is wonderful at uplifting one’s vibration and clearing out space in the head for light. Frankincense is widely known to deepen the rhythm of the breath. Its other attributes are its ability to calm and center the mind, helpful for meditation. Vetiver brings assurance and stability, strengthening your heart so you can remain open to what may be challenging.

Release, Recharge and Balance Energies Kit

  • This kit will come with guided meditations, bath salts, blends are 15ml and Roll on is 10ml. Links to free guided meditations, nutrition tips and more.

    You will recieve a digital copy of meditations, links etc. If you prefer a hard copy mailed to you just let me know.

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