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Summer Solstice; 10ml Roller Bottle Blend

Basil sweet, Clove bud, Orange 5X, Ginger CO2, Neroli and Petitgrain combined into Rose and  Calendula Infused Jojoba.

Basil encourages positivity, brings clarity and balance to our inner emotions, and allows us to take the risk to express ourselves.

Clove Bud helps us to move forward and act by awakening our senses and provides us with confidence we need to handle tough times.

Orange sweet nourishes the soul, helping us to be more confident and loving.

Ginger strengthens the courage and confidence to identify and create what we want. It invites abundance and helps us to realize that we deserve to experience abundant life.

Neroli helps us to manifest our deepest and highest aspirations. It helps to re-establish the links between a disconnected body and mind.

Petitgrain awakens our conscious minds and memories, with this deeper awakening brings new insights that will guide you in life.


This oil can be used for the following purposes:

As a meditation aid, anoint your chakra points
As a personal blend to wear on pulse points
To mix with wood-base and burn as an incense in the evening of the Solstice.
To anoint your altar, or altar candles.

Summer Solstice Blend

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