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Bundle includes: *Note most of these items cannot be purchased seperately.

Restore Balance Lotion, 8oz. $25.00

Love These Blues Body Oil, 4oz. $46.00

Rescue Balm, 2oz. $14.00

Triple Sun Blend, 5ml $8.61

Total value $83.61

Winter is well underway. As the temperatures drop and the weather conditions worsen, your skin may bear the brunt of this change with excessive dryness, redness, itchiness, and irritation. 


Restore Balance Butter, 8 ounce bottle:

This blend was formulated for severe dry and cracked skin. It will restore the natural balance of the skin, with the essential oils chosen for the skin cell regeneration properties.

  • Lavender Spike:
    • Calming and soothing properties.
    • Known for its potential to alleviate skin irritations.
    • Relaxation and stress relief.
  • Orange Sweet:
    • Uplifting and mood-enhancing aroma.
    • Contains antioxidant properties that can benefit the skin.
    • Refreshing and energizing scent.
  • Myrrh:
    • Possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
    • Traditionally used for promoting skin health and rejuvenation.
    • Supports overall skin wellness.
  • Helichrysum:
    • Known for its skin-regenerative properties.
    • Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
    • Assists in reducing the appearance of scars and promoting skin healing.
  • Rock Rose Cistus:
    • Antimicrobial properties contribute to skin health.
    • Known for its astringent properties.
    • Soothing effect on irritated skin.

Benefits of a body butter lotion with this essential oil blend include:

  • Hydration and Moisturization:
    • The body butter base provides deep hydration to the skin.
    • Essential oils  enhance the moisturizing effects and nourish the skin.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits:
    • The aromatic blend of Lavender Spike, Orange Sweet, Myrrh, Helichrysum, and Rock Rose Cistus can provide a pleasing and therapeutic fragrance.
    • Aromatherapy will contribute to relaxation, stress reduction, and an improved mood while helping to repair the state of your skin.
  • Skin Rejuvenation:
    • The combination of essential oils will support the rejuvenation of the skin.
    • Benefits for reducing the appearance of fine lines, promoting skin elasticity, and supporting overall skin health. Do not use on face, percentage is to high at 3%. Instead look at the Renewal Facial Oils.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects:
    • Some essential oils in the blend, such as Myrrh, Rockrose and Helichrysum, have anti-inflammatory properties that may help soothe irritated skin.


Love These Blues Body Oil, 4 ounce bottle:

Fractionated Coconut MCT,  Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Essential Oils of Geranium,Chamomile German (Blue), Chamomile roman, Blue Tansy, Palmarosa and Peppermint,

Non-GMO Vitamin E

Our Fruity and Floral blue oils are high in azulene and what gives it that beautiful blue hue. This also means that it is  powerfull at  soothing irritated & inflamed skin and combats inflammation.


  • An aromatic blend of high quality carrier oils and essential oils that leave the skin feeling silky smooth, healthy and radiant.
  • Nourishing oils like fractionated coconut, argan and pomegranate seed heal the skin and are easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling supple and soft.

How to Use

  • For best absorption, apply to damp skin after a shower or bath.


Rescue Me Balm, 2 ounce jar:

Shea Butter, Coconut, Beeswax, Jojoba, Frankincense, Ho Wood.

A lightly scented  balm to nourish dry skin involves combining moisturizing and soothing ingredients. The combination of Frankincense and Ho Wood essential oils adds a pleasant aroma to the balm while contributing skin-soothing and rejuvenating benefits.


  • Apply a small amount of the balm to dry areas of the skin as needed.
  • Suitable for use on elbows, knees, hands, and other areas prone to dryness.


Triple Sun Blend, 5ml bottle:

This cheerful ray of sunshine is a powerful antidepressant blend sure to penetrate the gloom that often comes in the depths of winter, after the holiday season and the longing for spring time. These oils are blended to produce a soft but powerful scent that brings light to the dark!


Lemon (Citrus limon) Orange (Citrus sinensis) Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

To Use: Inhalation, diffusion, bath, dilute with distilled water for room spray.



Restore Balance Lotion, 8oz. $25.00

Love These Blues Body Oil, 4oz. $36.00

Rescue Balm, 2oz. $14.00

Triple Sun Blend, 5ml $8.61

Total value $83.61

Winter Self-Care Bundle

$93.61 Regular Price
$74.89Sale Price
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