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What happened to Botanically Rooted & Who is Wholistic Aromatics. Part 1 Exit and Welcome letter

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

To Current Customers of Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy:

I would like to start by saying it has been a privilege to serve and educate each of you on your Aromatic journey.

Since taking the reins from Cynthia Loving of LovingScents Aromatherapy we changed the name, and we took on a partner to help with business side of things. This turned out to be a mistake on our part and ending this partnership has been most difficult. During this process is when the move of the retail and manufacturing part of the business occurred in February 2021.

The agreement and lease (Walnut Circle location) on this move were broken in June 2021 when we had 30 days to move with an agreement of a new space to be available on August 1st, 2021.

Our plan was to be in Greensboro with a new space for retail, teaching, and the manufacture of our goods. After much discussion with the new “partners” to reopen we saw that we were all being misled and there was no new building.

We lost money, inventory, and items we cannot replace. As it looks now these items will never be returned, replaced, or compensated.

This was heartbreaking to us as we realized the desire to continue in Greensboro was beyond our financial scope at this time. The financial losses after 2 clear bad decisions during these trying times has hit us hard. It is with a sad heart that we say that Botanically Rooted is closed, the business dissolved. This was part of the partnership agreement.

With these changes, all owners have split and gone their separate ways.

Amber will teach some Aromatherapy online and possible in person classes. She has taken another position and we are so happy she is happy.

Kimberly is starting a new venture alone currently to focus on realigning the vison of Aromatics. Wholistic to the whole body, whole plant, whole education.

The name of this new venture will be called Wholistic Aromatics and Wholistic Aromatics Institute.

You can count on the same quality products since LovingScents started so many years ago. Some things will change and leave while new offerings will be available soon. I will keep you updated so watch for emails and social posts.

Very soon the Botanically Rooted website will automatically move you to the new website, just want you to be aware. I hope you choose to follow me on the next adventure!

Wholesale accounts: The website will automatically move you to the new website. You shouldn’t have to do anything but sign in.

Aromatically Yours,

Kimberly Seymour

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Oh my goodness! Who would have thought such a thing could happen. I am so sorry for you and Amber after knowing and working with you both for years. I hope that you can get things up and running asap. Look forward to working with you in the future. Love the products.


To Kimberly and all involved: I am so sorry for this experience. The hardest lessons seem to be the most useful in retrospect as something new, more coherent, and a little wiser emerges from them. AND that does not lesson the human pain and discomfort as they happen and force the course correction. May you all end up living and sharing your own unique and/or combined soul medicine as you learn what is needed to ground and nourish you, while you fuel the business. Following with compassion and intrigue as always, Aine Dee

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